A wonderful teachers guide that gives a clear teaching strategy, lesson flow and numerous activities that enable the teacher to deliver a fun, well organised and interesting lesson.

Word Family Recognition – building phonemic awareness

Audio Stimulation

Diagraph Scaffold

Word family Recognition in Practice – Page activity

Word Family Game

Blending and Vocabulary introduction

Vocabulary and Word Family Practice part 2

Whole Group flashcard Activity

Spelling Activity

Vocabulary and Word Family Practice part 3

Tactile Learning

Introductory to Guided Reading

CVC Literacy Stations

CVC 1 Book Practice Part 4

The Early Learning Program

TELP’S Early Literacy Program A literacy-focused curriculum and support system designed for preschool children ages 3, 4, and 5 years old. The program is designed to enhance existing classroom curricula by specifically focusing on improving children's early literacy skills and knowledge. TELP Early Literacy Kindergarten course is broken down into the following: Phonics CVC & Word Families Sight Words (Dolce Pre-Primer) Handwriting Each of our programs have 20 learning activities that develop both language and key motor, cognitive and learning skills. Teaching begins with a systematic synthetic approach that uses multimedia, multi-sensory activities and worksheets.

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